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As we’ve been going through this series on prayer I’ve been wrestling with a few topics.

  1. The intimacy of prayer between us and God
  2. Why does prayer and spirituality seem so difficult to maintain in marriage

I’ve heard from numerous sources that people at Central are eating up this topic of prayer. I think we crave to learn more about what we aren’t good at, especially something that is so intimate between our Creator and us. Think about it, we tell everything to God in prayer and he knows about what were praying to Him before we start. We tell Him things that might be hard to talk to our spouse or closest friends about.

When my wife and I first got married we tried doing a Bible study and praying like every good newlywed couple does. But no matter how diligent we were it always seemed like such a struggle. I think most of it had to do with my own spiritual insecurities. My wife grew up in church, so she had heard all of the Bible stories before, whereas for me it was new and shiny. When praying together I felt the same way, that she was so much more spiritually connected and that my prayers seemed so silly and pointless.  So why try?

I have a feeling that there are a lot of couples that, to some degree, feel this way. We want our spouses and friends to be impressed by our “beautiful” prayers, and if were not confident it scares us into not doing it at all!

This is where the enemy wins battles.

We become so self conscious about our prayers that we avoid praying with the people that we are supposed to be closest to, sharing our intimate details in life. Then we become distanced from one another, we give Satan what he wants: division in the family. We are much less of a threat when we are divided.

Whether you’re self conscious about your prayers or you have kids and just run out of time to pray with one another, we need to fight back and use the most personal form of communication we have with God to strengthen our families.

Here are some questions I posed for our life group to think about. For the record my wife and I are working through these too!

  • How much are you praying with your spouse? (Just the two of you, out loud)
  • What are your marital prayers?
  • What goals do you want to achieve as a family?
  • What’s a shared vision you have for your family?
  • Are you praying for spiritual protection for your home?

I’m sure there are many more questions that you could be asking but this is a good place to start for my wife and I. Anyways, just food for thought. Thanks for reading!

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