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Recently I was asked, “What would you do if you couldn’t sing?” And, I honestly had no answer…I have no idea what I would do if I wasn’t able to sing, it’s all I’ve ever known, it’s what I love to do. But, not only do I love to sing, I love music! I have a complete appreciation for music and the role it plays in my life. A life without music is something I really can’t imagine.

Saturday, I was driving my daughter to soccer and she asked me to put on One Direction on the radio. Don’t get me wrong, I like One Direction but I just wasn’t in the mood for it, so I said no. Her response was “But MOM, it gets me pumped for the game!!!!”  I loved knowing that music was going to get her excited for her game, so I gladly turned it on and sang along!  A few Sundays ago, I sat in on a service in The Outback (4th-6th grade), they were playing a game where you had to walk along a balance beam and then with a pool noodle smack your opponent off of the beam (so fun!) The game began but the music wasn’t working so the kids were lazily swinging… UNTIL the music kicked in, and then the fierce competition began!!

I love what music can do, it can entertain, inspire, energize, and sometimes it just fills space. Ever been in a waiting room when there is no music on, or on an elevator in sheer silence, I totally appreciate music just filling the air sometimes. Can you imagine a birthday party, standing over a cake counting to 3 and blowing out the candles with no birthday song? Watching the movie Star Wars with no epic musical soundtrack underneath?

I’ve met people who don’t like to sing or people who like to sing but can’t sing on pitch but I’ve never met anyone who just doesn’t like music. Sure, everyone has a genre of music they prefer over others but I’ve never ever met anyone that doesn’t like music period.

We are blessed in the Church to be able to use music to praise our God, to give glory and honor to him together. Music done for God’s glory really, really (in my daughter’s words) get’s me pumped!!  I can be tired, sick, worried, you name it and as soon as we start singing together it all fades away.  Have you ever experienced that? As soon as the music starts, as soon as the lyrics start to wash over you reminding you of who our God is, perspective takes over, truth re-focuses, energizes, inspires and fills you. If you haven’t experienced that, I pray that you will!

Life Without Music

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