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If you caught the Super Bowl half time show this year, you know the new phenomenon of “Left Shark.” If you don’t know what that is, I will quickly bring you up to speed…During Katy Perry’s performance, two people in shark costumes accompanied her on stage to do what we believe was supposed to be a choreographed dance. The shark on the right of the TV screen knew every move and executed each move well. Left shark on the other hand…just flailed his fins about. It was great and left shark is now famous. I loved that left shark was totally real, just a guy making the most of the moment and the opportunity given to him, flailing his arms about with no regard to how he looked, ignoring the fact that millions of people were watching or that right shark was a lot better than him at it. It was left shark being…himself and there is something powerful about that.

Because I’m a worship leader I tend to look at things from a worship perspective, I always have some thought process going, something I’m contemplating in regards to worship. Lately I’ve been processing through the thought that it may be easier for me to worship through music because I LOVE to sing; I’ve been doing it my whole life. I LOVE music, it moves me, drums inspire me, a great guitar brightens my day, it’s just who I am…it’s easy for me. I would also dare to say that I have rhythm and I feel like I can move naturally to music well, I’ve always been that way. So, in regards to a worship service I think about the people who maybe don’t enjoy music or maybe they enjoy it but they feel like they are horrible at it and I worry that they would look at me and say…right shark! That they might think…she knows what to do and how to do it so I’ll just leave it to her.

But, I’ll repeat what I said was so very powerful about left shark, he was being himself. He was making the most of the moment and the opportunity he had and he engaged in the moment with no concern about who was watching or that anyone was better than he was at it. This is what makes our worship time together so powerful, everyone..right sharks/left sharks taking an opportunity to praise our God together, flapping our fins, raising our voices, whether we do it well or not, whether we clap on the beat or not, it  doesn’t matter. Our God is worthy of praise and it doesn’t have to look or sound perfect, it just has to be real, it just has to be you…being you.

So, I’m going to challenge you to not let anything hinder you this weekend and to “dive in” and worship with us!

Here is a clip of left shark in action for your enjoyment.


Left Shark Worship

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