Leading Wounded


Nathan Del Turco | Associate Worship Pastor

We’ve all been there. We’ve all experienced hurt. We’ve all experienced a level of betrayal or the feeling of betrayal, in our workplace, in a relationship or in our families. And when we experience these moments in life, we sometimes get hurt.

We develop wounds.

But what happens when we don’t take care of the wounds?

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Around this time of the year we talk a lot about leadership. One of the most sobering truths about leadership you’ll hear here at Central is this…

“We’re all leaders. It’s just whether we’re being leaders worth following.”

In light of the Summit, I wanted to discuss a little of my head space on leadership right now.

So, back to the beginning; What happens when we develop wounds and don’t take care of them?

What happens when we lead from a wounded spirit?

This has been on mind a lot lately. I think that several things can happen when we don’t deal with the wounds we’ve acquired along the way. If we’re not careful, we begin to lead out of those hurts. Which consequently can be devastating to us individually and to those around us.

So what happens when we lead from a wounded spirit?


Firstly, we can live our lives offended.

“No Christian who has been seasoned in the word, has any reasonable excuse to live their life offended.” Brian Houston

This quote has been stuck in my head for some time now. When we’re hurting, we sometimes feel the we have a free pass to be negative, or even at times live out of a negative mindset completely unaware. When we know Jesus, we lose the excuse to be offended all the time. Offended by others, our situations, or our past hurts. For the record, what I’m NOT saying is that nothing should ever bother you. Like injustice, or when we see hurt in those around us. We should feel anger or discontentment when we see hurting. However, our excuse to be offended by everything, all of the time is gone. I think you know what I mean. Don’t let negativity rule your life, and definitely don’t LEAD from it!


Secondly, we become a danger to ourselves, and those around us.

When we lead from a wounded spirit, we aren’t thinking straight. We obviously don’t become a completely different person, but our judgment and our reactions can become skewed. When we’re leading others, it’s important for us to be self-aware when we’re dealing with our own hurt. We can very often project our hurt or current pain on to those around us. Be careful, and be aware.


Lastly, we miss out!

God’s plans for you are glorious. However, when we don’t deal with our wounds, we become distracted and we miss out on a lot. It’s painful to deal with our issues at times. To be a leader worth following means we will have to endure some pain. It’s the only way to grow.

“You’ll only grow to your threshold of pain.” Samuel Chand

We’ll all face pain in our lives. However our ability to deal with the pain and gain healing from our wounds will enable us to truly be, leaders worth following.

Leading Wounded

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About The Author
- Nathan is the Associate Worship Pastor at Central. He lives in the Valley with his wife Stacey, and their two children, Alastair and Harbor.