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Recently I have been on a healing journey. I decided to sit down with a Christian counselor to work through some negative childhood events that I came to find out were limiting my ability to be completely whole as a follower of Jesus, husband, father and leader.  I’ll save you the details but like so many souls walking on this planet I grew up with loving parents but unfortunately there was a shroud of substance abuse that covered our home. As a little guy I saw things I shouldn’t have. Until recently these events haunted me. Divorce tore apart my family from limb to limb. However, I’m not bashing my parents. I’m actually highlighting that good people can make mistakes which can create a ripple effect through the generations. I love my mom and dad dearly and have finally been able to put these memories behind me.  I have experienced something that only Jesus can give. Peace. Not just peace. Profound, life altering peace.

In fact, when my counselor asked me early in the process about my childhood memories that were positive in nature I thought long and hard. I struggled. I said to her “I don’t have any memories that aren’t ugly.” Disturbing to say the least. However, one of the beautiful things that came from this process was that everyday now a new memory comes back to me from the “Dark Ages” as I have called it. Healing. It comes from Jesus.

As the leader of the worship ministry at Central I am constantly on the look out for music that will bless the church. During these last few months a piece of music kept finding its way to my ears. The song is called “Your Glory” by All Sons and Daughters. The lyric in this song that I found incredibly profound was, “Jesus, You are Good.” I listened to this song as I drove home from my weekly appointments. In the beginning I needed to confront my past at each session which left me somewhat crippled for a few hours. Not an easy thing to admit as a mid-western tough guy! This lyric reminded me that amidst all the darkness in the world Jesus is good. I feel the word “good” has lost its potency over the years. Webster says that good means “of high quality.” Good isn’t average. It is exceptional.  Pure. Whole. Nourishing.

Thank you Jesus for coming to this earth to save us from all from sin and shame. Thank you Jesus for coming to this earth to put death in his grave. More personally… thank you for healing me. Thank you for allowing me to see my parents as the beautiful people you created. Jesus, you are good.

Jesus, You are Good

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