Jesus Is More than Enough

Aaron Anderson – CLI Intern

I like to think of Jesus as a big juicy steak.

Before you let that freak you out, let me explain. There is this restaurant I like to go to every once in a while called Texas Roadhouse. I love a good steak and they definitely serve a good steak. While you are waiting for the main entrée there is a bucket of peanuts on the table that you can munch on and throw the shells on the floor. I really enjoy throwing shells on the floor because there is nowhere else in the world that is acceptable. As much as I enjoy the peanuts though, they were never meant to satisfy my appetite.

God, being the awesome Father that He is, has chosen to give us many gifts in life that bring us pleasure. To me, nothing compares to a night around a table with friends and family, having some friendly competition and laughter over a board game. For others it may be curling up in a warm blanket and getting immersed into a captivating book. We could add great food, exploring nature, or listening to music that touches your soul to the list of great gifts God has given. Stop for a moment and think of what really brings you pleasure.

These are all wonderful gifts we have been given, but they were never meant to satisfy the deepest longing in our hearts. There is only One who can truly satisfy the craving for fulfillment that every heart experiences. His name is Jesus. Psalm 107:9 captures this truth:

For he satisfies the longing soul, and the hungry soul he fills with good things.

 The pit we all tend to fall into is the inclination to take these gifts and make them our source of satisfaction. When they fail to do this, we move on from one pleasure to the next, hoping it will fulfill the longing. In some cases, we may even doubt God’s word and turn to various sins in order to find the fulfillment we have been looking for. Does this sound like your story?

At this point you may be wondering why we have been given all these gifts if they were never meant to bring us complete pleasure. I can sum it up in one word: Worship. I am not talking about lifting your hands and singing your heart out (although that is a way to worship). I am talking about letting everything that brings us pleasure point us back to the One who truly satisfies our souls. These gifts become reminders of how amazing and loving Jesus is and they increase our affection for Him.

A relationship with Jesus, where He knows you deeply and you are getting to know Him more every day, is what our hearts truly desire. His gifts are great, but they mean nothing if they do not point us back to Him. If you love sports, play your heart out as you thank Him for the rush you get scoring the winning point. If you love studying, praise Him every time you learn something that rocks your world. If you just love to hang out with friends, thank Jesus for bringing them into your life. It all points back to Him.

Imagine with me that you are Texas Roadhouse munching on peanuts. Your eyes light up as they bring the big juicy steak and set it right in front of you. Now imagine you just go back to eating the peanuts and never satisfy your hunger because you acknowledged the steak, but never took the time to actually enjoy it.

Jesus is available to you every day. Are you just going to acknowledge Him and go back to whatever else you think is going to satisfy you? Or are you going to dig in and realize that like a big juicy steak, Jesus is more than enough?

Jesus Is More than Enough

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