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We had another special weekend at Central with guest Speaker Jon Stallsmith from Grace-Midtown Church in Atlanta. Jon came to give the message for International Weekend and asked a thought-provoking question: what would Jesus say to a Muslim?

Although we don’t have an instance of Jesus talking to a Muslim in the Bible (Islam didn’t come around until 600 years after Jesus), there is actually a conversation that Jesus has with a Samaritan woman in John 4 that gives us insight. Jesus crosses barriers and boundaries to talk to a Samaritan woman, transcending the religious debate of the day and simply pointing her to Himself. Jesus reached out to a woman that every other Jew of that day would have not only brushed off, but had a scathing hatred for.

Jesus reaching out to the lost is a major theme in the Word as well; repeatedly in scripture we see a God who seeks out the lost and draws them to Him. Remarkably, this is happening right now in Islamic communities! Jesus is appearing to Muslims in dreams and there are mass conversions happening right now – the fields are “ripe for harvest.”

Are you curious about what you can do in this movement? If you are interested in learning more about how you can witness to your Islamic neighbors, you may want to check out the Jesus and the Qur’an conference coming up this February 12-13. Click on this link to find out more!

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