havasupaiAaron Pennington – Queen Creek Campus Pastor.

What is the going rate on your integrity these days?  Before you answer, let me tell you about the time my integrity was almost bought for the price of a mudflap. Unfortunately, it was not too long ago.  Give me a second and let me get in story telling mode.

It all started during a trip last fall to a place called Havasupai. They are known for their pristine waterfalls (as you see in the picture above), and people travel from around the world to go to this place. They say if you swim in these travertine stained pools of water it will remove all blemishes and wrinkles from your body.  I made that last part up, but it is beautiful none the less.  The trip was awesome and full of adventure including a flash flood, but the best part (sarcasm) was when we got back to my truck and found that the heavy rain had washed a boulder loose, and it found its new home in the back of my truck. It did about $3000 worth of damage, so off to the body shop I went. After the shop had been working on my truck for about a week, one of the guys called me and said, “I see you are missing a mudflap, did that happen in the accident or was it already gone?” I immediately responded that the mudflap was already missing. Here is where I almost lost the battle in my attempt to have a high level of integrity in my life. He asked me, “If you want me to I can throw the mudflap on the ticket so your insurance can cover it.”  I would love to be able to say that I never even considered it…but I did.  The Spirit finally smacked me and said, “Really Aaron, you are ready to give up your integrity for a mudflap?” I declined the offer and began thinking about how the next opportunity I have where my integrity is challenged, that I will not hesitate.  Be aware of those hesitations, and continue to pursue high levels of integrity because it will pay dividends with your family, your faith, and your future.  God bless!

Integrity of a Mudflap

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