I’m a Coucher

Brittany Walker – Prayer Ministry Assistant

“I am a runner” was a sentence I knew well as a child. Now, I just started working out after a long break… It turns out I am more of a “coucher” than a runner.

Yes, I just made up the word “coucher.” Isn’t that what someone is if they don’t do anything but sit on the couch? It was not until I got off the couch and started doing some work that I noticed my body was changing drastically.

How did I become a “coucher?” You see, six years ago my life changed. I was on my way home from school when an F-150 cattle guard truck blew through my car and pushed me into another car. That day, November 16, 2011, changed my life. I went from being active and living a relatively normal life to being injured with a burned face, a locked jaw, countless injuries, and needing many hip surgeries. Who I was changed and what I could do changed.

The injury I sustained that has most affected the trajectory of my life is my hip surgeries. I mean, you need your hips to do everything—sit, stand, walk, and move around. It wasn’t until the loss of function in them that I realized how much I was missing, and then became the “coucher.” Taking one day at a time is a life-long decision now as I can no longer plan for the future, but I have found so much beauty in this! Not having the ability to plan on how well I will feel the next day has allowed me to live out each moment of the day while it is happening.

You see, I avoided working out for a while due to the hip problems, but now I can start doing that hard work of working out again. I have started slow over the last year by walking short distances to get my body used to working harder than normal. The last time I used a cane was June 3, 2016. Recently, I traveled overseas and walked around the Holy Land, and that is something I would have never dreamed of being a reality. I have continued to trust God with each day, moment by moment, knowing He will prepare me for what is next.

We serve a God that heals and oftentimes we get stuck in our past circumstances. Sometimes it is hard to identify when we have healed because the true burden of our hurt is too big to understand in our current reality. We can talk to God in prayer about our past or current hurts. In Matthew 6:34 Jesus says,

“Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Prayer is how I do not worry about tomorrow and live in each moment of the day. I have gotten through each day trusting Him, that He is there and never going to leave me. Prayer is both the invitation I send Jesus and the humble recognition of my brokenness and vulnerable need for Him. It’s the communication from my voice to God’s ear. It allows me to be in relationship with Him.

Here are a few steps I have used to focus on my current reality with God through prayer:

Step One: Recognize yourself as openly broken. Seek the Savior. Invite Him into your life through prayer.
Step Two: Don’t fool yourself, thinking you have it all together. Realize you can’t do it alone. Go vulnerably to Jesus and give Him your heart.
Step Three: Walk in love, faith, and peace, because His forgiveness has covered you.

I do not know what tomorrow will look like. I do not know when my inevitable hip replacements are coming, but I choose to live in the reality of today. I choose to keep working out and taking it easy when I need too. I choose to be thankful for each day I can walk, put on shoes, and not use a cane. I choose to not worry about tomorrow but to be present in each moment.  I choose to talk with God in prayer about each of these moments of my day in thankfulness…even when I am sore.

I’m a Coucher

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