I Heart Crab


Dean Kuest – Glendale Campus Pastor

If you ask my youngest son, he’ll tell you that he loves crab meat.

If you ask people sitting in church, most will tell you they love Jesus.

Is there a corollary to these two statements?


Last summer, as my family vacationed in Washington state, my eleven year old son was grabbed by the allure of the sea when he witnessed a man hauling in a crab pot full of crustaceans. The desire to catch a Dungeness Crab overwhelmed him. Quickly promising that he would help to eat any crab that he caught, he talked his grandfather into purchasing a crab pot of our own. After a trip to the local hardware store, along with several conversations with locals regarding the favorite foods of the Dungeness population, the bait was purchased, the pot was rowed into the Puget Sound and the wait began.

Several fruitless checks of his pot almost diminished his tenacity, but a change of diet for his potential prey produced the jackpot that had been dancing within my son’s imagination. Inside our cage, were two beautiful crab. The excitement was overwhelming…he was confident that he would love crab!

Google led us to a YouTube page that gave us the full instructions on how to clean, cook and eat our freshly caught delicacy. He was anxious to be a part of the cooking process but doubts began to surface when it came time to crack the shell and clean the crabs. We insisted that he stay with us through the ordeal, but I could see his confidence melting faster than the butter we were prepping for our meal.

The moment of truth was soon upon him as the crab meat that so many will pay so much to eat, sat on his plate. As he placed the soft white meat into his mouth, I had hope that he would respond with a look of amazement. Instead, he gave the scowl that is the universal language of children when given food they dislike.

“I hate crab!”, was his immediate response.

While I was bummed, I was also firm that he had promised that he would eat the crab if he caught it, so I suggested that he try it dipped in the melted butter. Reluctantly, he gave it a shot, but I could tell before it want past his lips that he had already decided the outcome. He then requested ketchup, which his grandfather immediately nixed as it would be considered sinful to desecrate crab meat with such a rudimentary and crude condiment.

It took almost an hour to convince his grandfather that ketchup was a necessity if he was going to follow through on his promise to consume the meat of his prized crab, but the softy finally gave in. With the grotesque squirt from the plastic bottle, the meat disappeared underneath mounds of red. He heaped his fork and brought was must have been crab into his mouth for another test. This time, his eyes lit up and proudly exclaimed, “I love crab!”

My son doesn’t love crab. He loves ketchup.

Do you love Jesus (as He is) or are you only a fan when He’s covered with the crude *condiments of our culture?

*Condiments may include but are not limited to:

  • A political party or viewpoint
  • Wealth
  • Personal Happiness
  • Music I like (at the volume I prefer)
  • Ease / Lack of suffering

I Love Crab!

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