How big is your sin room?

Roosevelt Woods – Student Pastor

Recently my family and I have begun building a new home. It became clear about a year ago that our current home wasn’t big enough for our family. We had my family of 5 and our two dogs, but we were getting ready to include my Mother-in-law and my Grandfather-in-law into our house for various reasons. So in total we had 7 people and three dogs that we needed to find space for. After a few months of unsuccessfully looking for a house that fit our needs, it was decided that we look into building a house, specific to what our needs were. That’s when God began to teach me something.

Every house is built on a foundation. Some are good sturdy foundations, and some may even be on weak and poor foundations. Some may be larger foundations, and some may be smaller, but they all have a foundation. Once the foundation is established, then comes the task of a floor plan and the layout of the rooms. A typical house has a family room, a dining area, a couple bedrooms, some bathrooms, and a kitchen. You get the idea. Once we had decided that we could build a house, we then needed to decide on a lot and pick a floor plan, which entailed getting creative to reach the best layout for our situation.

Fast forward a bit and they just started the build phase on our new house. It’s exciting and I’m often stopping by to see the progress or watch it as it’s being built. One night I had an opportunity to walk through the framing and check that all the rooms were there and see the sizes in 3 dimensions. I had accounted for all of the rooms and then I remembered the movie “War Room”. Where would my Prayer room go? After another walk around the house I found a perfect spot for my prayer room and with a piece of dirt, I wrote “Prayer Room” on the floor. The physical building was taking shape.

Then I felt God ask me to look at my spiritual life in a similar way. What rooms do I have in my spiritual life? You may find that you have a different list, but mine include a prayer room, marriage room, a family room, a career room, a bible study room, a worship room, a painful past room, etc.

Now most of you who are reading this would probably agree that you have a foundation in Jesus. I am reminded of 1 Corinthians 3:10, “For no one can lay any foundation other than the one that is already laid which is Jesus Christ.” The challenge I think we all face is what the layout of those rooms are on that foundation. Think for a moment about what size each of your spiritual rooms are. Are they based on importance to you, importance to God, or importance based on something else? If I’m being honest, I would love a big man cave and I would just stick everything in there, but I can’t do that, or I would love unlimited space, but I don’t have that either. So when I decide to grow my prayer room and focus on prayer, I have to take space from another room.

So take another moment to think about what your spiritual room layout looks like if you could not add any more space, but had to rearrange them based on the value you place on them. What rooms would need to shrink and what rooms would you grow?

I’m just guessing here but I think most of us would say that we would make these adjustments:

  • Grow our prayer room
  • Shrink our time at work room
  • Grow our family room
  • Grow our financial room
  • Shrink our painful past room

But there’s a room that we often overlook and it’s the “The sin room”.

I remember a time when my sin room was rather large and it was protected with locks, and guard dogs, and I hid much of it from the world. Inside my sin room was even a smaller box that was even more protected and I would often try to hide that one from God.

Now here’s some questions I hope you wrestle with as I have. How big is your sin room? Remember be honest with yourself, we are all on a journey, some for a while, and some just beginning. If your sin room is too big you have to take space from something else. Too small and the sin begins to poor into the other areas of your spiritual house.

See I believe we all have a sin room, The difference in each of us is how big we allow that room to get. The more we passionately pursue Jesus, the smaller we can make that room and the more space we have for things that we value more.

How big is your sin room?

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