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This weekend we continued our Kingdom series by looking in Matthew 13, a chapter where Jesus tells parables about the Kingdom of God.

A parable is word that means to “throw alongside” something else – a story that uses an example of something familiar to explain something less familiar. In Matthew 13, Jesus uses only parables to teach to the crowds. The disciples were confused and curious why Jesus didn’t just tell them plainly what He was talking about (you can read His reply in vv. 11-13). It’s almost as if He used parables because He wants His followers to think and be stretched in new ways! Here are just a few of the takeaways we can get from Matthew 13:

1. Regarding the Kingdom, it’s not over till it’s over

This comes from verses 24-30 and explained in 36-43. In this parable, we can take comfort in the fact that God WILL deal with evil in His own time.

2. There is far more happening in the Kingdom than meets the eye

Coming from verses 31-33, we can take away that we need to be patient because the Kingdom advances slowly!

3. There is nothing of greater value than the kingdom of God

Found in verses 44-46, we see that the Kingdom is worth any sacrifice necessary. In other words, there’s no such thing as a bad trade when it involves the Kingdom of God!

Jesus repeats the phrase “whoever has ears, let him hear” in Matthew 13. We all have ears, of course, but have you developed them to hear what God is trying to communicate to you? Only those who truly bother to listen are blessed to truly hear.

Verses and quotes from the message:

Matthew 13:10-44; Matthew 11:25

“Parables are tiny lumps of coal squeezed into diamonds, condensed metaphors that catch the rays of something ultimate and glint it at our lives. They are the jeweled portals of another world; we cannot see through them like windows, but through their surfaces are refracted lights that would otherwise blind us–or pass unseen.”  Walter Wink

Big Idea: Only those who truly bother to listen are blessed to truly hear.

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