Charlie behind bars
Cal Jernigan – Senior Pastor

I don’t know if you’ve heard the news. Charlie Brown is going to jail. Again.

OK, technically, it’s not Charlie Brown who’s going to jail. It’s Peter Robbins who is. Peter Robbins was the child actor whose voice was featured many years ago in the making of A Charlie Brown Christmas and other Peanut’s cartoons. Peter’s the one going to jail… for four years and seven months to be exact.

Apparently the now 59 year old Robbins has been charged with making criminal threats against the owner of a mobile home park and also for offering to pay to have a local sheriff killed. Seems the conflicted child has grown into a conflicted adult.

This isn’t the first time that he’s had problems with the law. In 2013 he was sent to jail on stalking charges. In that incident, he didn’t approve of the procedure a plastic surgeon had performed on his girlfriend.  He threatened his girlfriend and he threatened her surgeon.

Not wise!

If you know the story of Charlie Brown (and who doesn’t), you know that he’s often referred to by his friends as a “block-head.” Not a very complimentary thing to call someone, no doubt. But the character does things that just keep sabotaging his life. Good grief!

And so has Peter. According to Robbins, what was initially behind most of the misbehavior was the abuse of drugs and alcohol. In this round he’s simply claiming he’s mentally ill. Not sure which it is… but it does raise one very important question.

How are you changing as the years go by?

It seems to be a particularly relevant question for those of us who are Christians. When we first began our walk with God we were most likely on fire for Christ and we just couldn’t get enough of him. We loved learning of him so we were constantly reading our Bibles. We wanted to worship intensely so we threw ourselves into this without abandon. We wanted to give ourselves away and so we served like crazy. We gave generously because we knew Jesus gave generously for us. We simply could not read/sing/pray/give/serve enough.

But what’s going on lately?

I’ve been challenged by the simple thought that every day I am either growing or shrinking my character. Every day. And so are you. Your character is either getting stronger or weaker. You build it up or your break it down every day on the decisions you make. It never stays the same.

So which is it?

One of the most bedrock goals of my life is to finish strong. I want to be found faithful until the very end, whenever and however that comes.  Yet to get there I have to be very careful about the paths I choose to walk down.  I have to monitor my decision making process. I have to be very intentional.

As do you.

So what condition do you now find your life in? The condition of your life is simply the sum total of all the decision you have made. You are proof of what happens when someone chooses the course you’ve chosen.

So…  How is it going?

Remember actions always have consequences.

You choose the action, the consequences for that action follow.

Don’t be a blockhead—pay attention and choose carefully!


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