Go the Extra Mile

Tom Kopp – Lead Life Group Pastor

Over 20 years ago, while I was living in southern California some friends and I attempted to see our favorite band in concert about 45 minutes away. Unfortunately we got stuck in traffic and missed the concert.  We were so bummed out!  Then one of us threw out the idea of driving to Las Vegas the next night to catch them in concert there.  The next day we drove to Vegas and back so that we could see this band in concert.  I am so glad we did!!

There are some things in life that are worth going the extra mile (or 472 of them round trip). In Mark 2:1-12 we have four men who bring their paralytic friend to see Jesus believing that Jesus can heal him.  When they get to the house where Jesus is there is such a crowd that they can’t get in.  But these friends are so determined to get their friend in to see Jesus that they go up onto the rooftop and dig a hole through the roof large enough to lower their friend down into the house on a mat.

I find the situation funny when I imagine what must have been going through the mind of Jesus, the crowd, and the homeowner. Here they are gathered in a home to hear Jesus teach and parts of the roof start falling on them.  What is going on here?  Why are these guys interrupting me while I am trying to teach?  Who do these people think they are?  Why don’t these guys just wait outside?  What are these guys doing to my house?

I find it challenging when I think of the determination of the four friends to get their friend in front of Jesus. Many of us would have left discouraged that we got to the house too late to get in.  Some of us would have just waited knowing that sooner or later Jesus has to come out.  These guys are so desperate to make sure that their friend meets Jesus and that he gets healed that they tear a hole through the roof.

How determined are you and I to help our friends and neighbors meet Jesus? Do we see barriers or do we decide to find a way around all the obstacles?  I want to encourage you to invite someone to join you for a service at Central.  The next time a friend is sharing with us a struggle that they are going through I hope we will share with them how our faith gave us perspective and hope during a difficult time in our life or ask if we can pray with them.  My prayer is that helping people meet Jesus is something that we have decided is worth going the extra mile.

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Go the Extra Mile

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