Getting Any Better?

Cal Jernigan – Senior Pastor

Remember when?

Can I invite you to take a moment to reminisce over the course of your life? While I obviously don’t know the specifics, I imagine there are some things all of us share in common.

For instance, do you remember when you were in elementary school and just couldn’t wait till you got into Jr. High? I do. Do you remember being excited about the thought of turning thirteen and becoming a teenager? Yep! How about being anxious to finally become a High School student? Or how you longed to turn sixteen so you could finally get a driver’s license? Or anticipating turning eighteen so you could vote, move out, get a tattoo or whatever else you wished to do (not to mention graduate from High School!). And then… college, and twenty one, and marriage, and…?

And… what? What’s comes next?

While you’re remembering, do you recall the old advertisement that said “You’re not getting older, you’re getting better!”? Not sure what the product was but the statement struck me and has stuck with me. It’s an interesting statement.

But, is it true?

I’m not asking if it is true that you’re getting older (obviously you are), but are you getting better? Are you improving? Are you still growing?

It’s been said, “Aging is mandatory, growth is optional.”

You see, there are no guarantees you’ll get better, just older.

Sadly, too many of us seem to have just accepted getting older while not striving to get better. Too many have just settled into a humdrum life and are calling it good. More than a few of us have lost our ability to dream about a vibrant, exciting, daring and adventurous future. A future that is noticeably improved… one that is better than what we are experiencing today!

This reminds me of another thing someone once brilliantly observed: “When your memories of your past exceed the dreams for your future, you are dying.”

Let’s be honest–growth takes effort. Lots of it. Just about everything, if left to its own, decays rather than develops. What would happen to your lawn if you didn’t maintain it? Decay. What would happen to your pool? Same. What would happen to your marriage? Your health? Your finances? All the same result: decay. Decaying is always easier than developing!!!

To grow is to decide to become MORE tomorrow than you are today. It is to determine that growth is worth it! But here’s the deal. Growth can be hard. Remember, growth always takes effort! Usually lots of it.

There are only three things I can think of that are going to make you better five years from now than you are right now: 1) the people you meet, 2) the books you read, and 3) the idea’s you wrestle with. That’s just about it. Take away interesting people, books and ideas and you’re just the same (or less) tomorrow than you are today.

So where will you get exposure to interesting people, books and ideas?

I know where!

There is an event coming to our church which is for many of us the highlight of our year. It’s an event called The Global Leadership Summit and it’s a two day infusion of passion, insight and teaching that will rock your world! It’s coming August 11th and 12th and it will be held on both the Mesa and the Gilbert Campuses. It’s a not-to-be-missed event. Keep your ears open and well help you get registered in the days to come.

So, right now our children and students are looking forward to summer camp BIG TIME! Those who go will grow! They will change. They will make memories. They will become better!

So why outgrow growing??? You don’t have to! Come grow with us this summer at the Global Leadership Summit. It’s Summer Camp for Adults!

I am looking forward to it! Hope to see you there.

Getting Any Better?

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