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This weekend we continued our “Fielder’s Choice” series with Luke 19:1-10. You may recognize the main character, Zacchaeus, from a Sunday school song. Yup, that’s the same guy!

What do we know about Zacchaeus? First, we know he was a chief tax collector for Rome. In other words, he was hated by his fellow Jews for siding with the pagan Roman empire. Second, we know he was very wealthy, and most of that wealth probably came from overcharging on taxes. Third, we know he was very short (think Danny DeVito sized). Fourth, we know he really wanted to see Jesus, to the point that he climbed a tree in order to do so. But most importantly, despite being such an unlikely convert, Jesus tells us that Zacchaeus found salvation.

Do you know anybody like that? Somebody who doesn’t seem like they could ever turn to God? Zacchaeus (among many others in the Bible) shows us that any person, no matter how unlikely their situation seems, can receive salvation through Jesus.

Verses and quotes used:

Luke 15:2; Luke 5:27-32; Numbers 5:7; Matthew 18:12; Ezekiel 34:16; Revelation 3:20; John 1:11–13

“What changed Zacchaeus? Biblical principle? Personal devotion? Religious duty and deeds? No—just a few moments with God in the flesh.” Judah Smith

If you want to see God do the impossible in changing someone’s life, live believing it’s possible!

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