Wes McGarrah – HS Pastor Mesa Campus.

We’ve just gotten back from a week away with over 300 High School kids at camp and the question now is, “What now?” For a lot of kids, it was a great week to get away with friends, hear from great speakers, go to the beach and just have a great week. For others it was a turning point. Some kids decided to follow Christ for the first time. Others made the decision to get baptized. And for some, they are looking for this Fall to be the start of something new.

It's an interesting place to be when you work with kids. They can be tough to figure out sometimes. Some days I'm convinced that I'm in the wrong field. But there is nothing more rewarding than seeing a young person wanting to live their life for Jesus. It's not me, the Youth Pastor, that is making that decision for them, but it's still rewarding to know that the work we get to join in for the Kingdom of Christ is bearing fruit in the lives of students.

I had a kid come and tell me that he wanted to get baptized. I asked him why. He told me that he thought it would be the "push" that he needed to have a good year. I explained to him why we do baptisms and the reasons we decide to get baptized. He was convinced that getting dunked, at camp, would be the magic ticket for a better year. The exciting part was that he knew Jesus and the church had something to offer him in regards to "getting on the right track". The sad part is that, at first, he wasn't totally sure just professing Jesus as Lord would be enough of a push to get him going. Long story short – after talking with him for quite awhile, a young man understands that it's Jesus. That's the difference. Not the amount of camps we go to. It's not the submerging under water and coming up in front of people that will all of a sudden get our lives on track. It's submission to Christ. Sometimes the "Fresh Start" we are looking for has been there the whole time. The last thing He said before going back into heaven was that he would always be with us. Why? Because he knew that's what we needed.

The next time you need a "Fresh Start" just remember that the one who can offer all things new has been with you from day one. Maybe he's the one you should have a conversation with…

Fresh Start

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