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Most of you have probably seen the latest trend on Facebook, The Ice Bucket Challenge. The idea is that you call out 5 people to have a bucket of ice water dumped on their head and they donate $5 to the charity of their choice. If they don’t they give a set amount like $100 to the charity of your choice.  Then you get a bucket dumped on your head. You can watch an example below.

To my knowledge the challenge began as a fundraiser for a fallen fighters charity; whether that’s where the money goes now…who knows. Regardless, it’s something entertaining to watch as you scroll through Facebook (don’t lie, you’ve watched EVERY one!)  It’s a contagious movement because it’s for a good cause and it’s funny to watch people get ice cold water dumped on them.

As I was watching these videos I was thinking about how many people would start getting involved in the Ice Water Challenge. I won’t do all of the math but it’s a 1:5 ratio for each person that does it. Starting with 1 person, then to 5, then to 25 and so on (that’s all the multiplying I can do in my head, numbers are hard).

That’s a lot of people! Then I started thinking about worship here at Central. Just like the Ice Water Challenge, I believe that worship is just as contagious IF we allow ourselves to worship! I believe that worship can go viral throughout Central every weekend. But, there are some weekends that us worship leaders lead and it seems difficult to get the church to all participate, and I think there’s a couple reasons.

One reason is, there are a lot of times that we come into church and singing isn’t our first desire of our hearts. Some of us come in with some pretty heavy burdens and singing and acting joyful doesn’t sound all that appealing. I get it. Moment of transparency, us worship leaders have a hard time leading worship on days like that!

Another reason is that you may not feel comfortable worshipping out loud or clapping because maybe that’s not you, or you think you have a bad voice. Reality is, most of the people around you probably have just as bad of a voice as you do. But when we show other’s that we don’t really care and that God is the only one who matters, it makes it easier for other’s to open up and worship freely!

So what gets us “in the mood” to worship?

Let’s take a few things into perspective.

  1. We are breathing – It’s strange to think this way, but the very fact that we are alive is amazing. God has allowed us another day to live here on Earth to change the world and be with loved ones.
  2. We are EXTREMELY blessed – America is rich. Plain and simple. If we think life is hard…IT COULD BE WORSE.
  3. We have Heaven to look forward to – Jesus came to give us eternal life. He came to give us keys to the Kingdom of Heaven! We have brighter things to look forward to as we live out our lives. Then, when it’s all over, we get to worship in Heaven without pain and sorrow.
  4. We DON’T need to carry the load – God is here with us. Here to see us succeed and win at life when we put Him first.

So here’s my challenge. I’m dumping a bucket of Freedom on my head and now I’m calling out Central Church to do the same!

Worship freely. That’s it. Remember the freedom that Christ has given us and worship your heart out because you can’t contain it anymore! Get rid of the baggage, leave it at the door, and worship the Father that loves us. He gave His son so that you could be free of shame and guilt. We have already been given victory through Jesus. We’re here to worship as a community. My prayer is that each one of you will cause a chain reaction. An exponential effect on those around you to worship in FREEDOM! I love my church and I can t wait to see how God transforms the people of our church through worship. See you there!

Freedom Bucket Challenge

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