By Corey Bullock – Ahwatukee Campus Pastor

2014-12-29 22.50.34This Christmas I had the kids work with me to create a Family Vision. The concepts have been spoken and encouraged in our home for years, but we have never codified them in a frame like this before.  The downfall of putting these on a board like this is that it can easily be mistaken for a list of rules instead of a guide for the kind of familial relationship that we desire to have.

You actually see this same struggle with the nation of Israel. God makes a promise to Abraham and paints a picture of how he wants the relationship to go.  Unfortunately, his people lose sight of the vision along the way and needed a written version to help guide them.  Most of us see the Law that was given as a list of rules and regulations that we must abide by or we will disappoint God.  However, at its core, the Law was really a vision of how God designed and desired us to relate with him and with others.  It was for our benefit that it was recorded and displayed.

Every family has different values that they want to promote. In my family, I don’t just want to my kids to be rule followers.  Instead, I want to instill values and character in them in a way that nurtures our family dynamics.  We certainly don’t always measure up to this vision, but it is something that we strive for and allows us to hold each accountable.

This particular idea came from another frame that I saw recently, but it didn’t quite capture what my family vision was. I would be interested to hear from you – what other values would you add/change in your family?  Do you have a family vision of your own?  Do you have it displayed?

Family Vision

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