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My wife Cassandra and I recently lost our brother-in-law Trevor last Monday, April 6. I had the honor of speaking at his memorial. Here are the highlights of what I shared:

What if I told you that death brings out the best in life? It sounds so weird and strange when you initially think of it. But let me say it again. Death brings out the best in life. The reason I say this is because it is when we think of a loved one that is no longer with us we are thankful for their life. We are loving. We think of the best memories. We think about the great things that a person has done. …we think of all of these things because we loved them.

Trevor lived life the best he could. One of the first things I noticed about Trevor was how friendly and generous he was. He always had time for someone. He brought out the best in those around him. His laugh was infectious as well as his joy and perspective of life. Not only was he friendly but he was also caring. Many years ago a church donated a picture of his deceased baby brother Gregory that hung on the church wall. Sadly the church closed. On Mother’s Day, Trevor found out that a friend of the family had the picture in his possession. Trevor immediately went out and got the picture. Upon returning home, Trevor gave the picture to his mother Linda and said “now we all together”. His care for people came out in how he interacted with family too. Always having time for his sons, his wife. His family loved being around. Trevor made you appreciate relationships because he made you feel significant.

Life is should be lived to the fullest. Not with what you can obtain or acquire but by what you can invest, give, love, and do to make a difference in this world. There are two ways that you can live life. You can live life with a lowercase “l” or and or with a capital “L”. Life with a capital “L” is a full life. A life that is “others first” – “you first”. Imagine a place where people would think of others first. We live in self centered and selfish world. Living for others changes our world. It goes against the norm it goes against the flow. You have to fight for it.

Enjoy the life that you are living now. Make the most of it now. Encourage, love, inspire, serve, and live for others. Life is so fragile yet it can mean so much. My encouragement for everyone is that you take all of the moments you have to live life to the fullest and live life on purpose. …Fight for it.


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