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For the past several years I have written a post for our church’s teaching blog every Friday. I do this simply because it gives me another avenue in which to communicate and teach the truths of Scripture. Often these posts have to do with current issues that are timely and often provocative, at other times they simply attempt to teach relevant principles from the Bible.

As 2015 comes to a close, I thought it would be interesting to repost the top five articles of the past year. If you didn’t get a chance to read them, now would be a great time to do so. If you did, you might want to take another look. In any case, they do give you an insight into what people are interested in.

I want to thank you for your faithfulness to read and respond to these posts as they come out each week. I also want to express my gratitude for the way in which you have shared them on social media. Without you having done so, they simply wouldn’t have had the exposure they were given.

Below these posts are listed in order of number of reads. Together these five posts garnered 70,000 separate views. I hope these writings continue to challenge your thinking and edify you in your faith.

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#1  This Changes Everything


#2  Shame on You

Monica Lewinsky

#3  Such a Loss

Picture of Hal

#4  Regretfully


#5 Choose Your Sex?

Bruce Jenner

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