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In case you didn’t notice, Christmas time has finally arrived! It’s one of my favorite times of the year! Getting a Christmas tree, hanging up Christmas lights, TRYING to surprise your loved ones with thoughtful gifts are all part of the American Christmas tradition.

One tradition I always enjoy watching is BLACK FRIDAY!

…The one day of the year we you can find amazingly low prices on some great stuff! TV’s, toys, home improvement tools, you name it. Marketing campaigns try and catch your eye with prices with slashes through them making it appear that you are getting the sweet end of the deal. Some deals are SO good that we just can’t seem to pass them up!

What I find funny is the cognitive process we go through when we buy things.

“But, it’s SUCH a great deal! I may use this item once or twice next year BUT I saved $100 dollars on my super-duper __________” (you fill in the blank).

We are easily fooled that because we saved so much it justifies the money we spent. Yes the deal is sweet, but do we really need a third, fourth, fifth TV for the house? Do I really need 9 guitars, and 4 guitar amplifiers, and 50 guitar pedals?

I want to pause to let you know, I am not disqualified from this category. In fact, I bet I like buying stuff more than you! Impulse buying is a weakness of mine. My eye is constantly looking at guitar gear and gadgets and I would be massively in debt if I hadn’t met my wife. Thankfully, she very sweetly reminds me that I probably don’t NEED everything I want to buy.

It’s true. I don’t really need anything I have.

Jesus told the rich ruler to sell everything and disperse among the poor. And I’m pretty sure that the disciples didn’t have much following Jesus. Does that mean we can’t have nice things? I don’t believe that. I think that God blesses us when we learn how to sacrifice things that we think are important to His glory. But could we do ministry better redirecting our money away from things we want, and towards what others need? I don’t know. America is a hard country to live in without money. Let me know when you figure that one out!

I’m not bashing on Black Friday or the people anyone who participates in it. But I want to challenge the sentiment of “It’s a good deal.” We don’t NEED to spend money on things to be happy even if it’s a good deal and have the money for it.

I hope your holiday season is fantastic and filled with great family time, joy, AND blessings!

Deals, Deals, Deals!

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