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The first computer game I ever played was called Colossal Cave Adventure. It was the mid to late ‘80’s and my family had an IBM computer—complete with floppy disks and DOS and all of about 4 colors for the graphics on the screen. Colossal Cave Adventure was a text-only game that allowed you to explore a cave looking for treasure. Along the way you encountered angry dwarves, a thieving pirate, and even a dragon. My grandpa played this game and he passed on his love of it to me.

Being a text-only game, there was no visual map to guide you through the cave. So my grandpa, in his hours of exploration, drew his own map. And I used his map to aid my gameplay. The problem was that he never completed the game, so his map was also incomplete. And the place his map lacked most severely was an area of the cave called “The Maze of Twisty Little Passages.” If you got yourself into “The Maze of Twisty Little Passages” your game was almost assuredly over. There was seemingly no way out. You would wander and wander until your lamp ran out of light and in the darkness you fell into a pit and died. It was the worst!

Have you ever been stuck in a maze before? Maybe you’ve been in a fun house of mirrors at the fair or maybe in a hedge maze or maybe you braved a corn maze at Halloween. Being stuck in a maze can be endlessly frustrating, full of nothing but dead ends. All seems hopeless. And so it is with life sometimes. There are times in life when we feel like we’ve reached a dead end, with no relief in sight. Financial dead ends, relational dead ends, dead ends at work, dead ends at school…sometimes life seems to be nothing but a series of dead ends.

But something that occurred to me lately is that these situations in life only seem to be dead ends. The problem is our perspective. When we’re in the maze, our perspective is limited—we can’t see over the walls. This keeps us from knowing how to navigate through the maze correctly. But there is someone who isn’t limited by this perspective. Someone has the ability to see the whole maze with a bird’s eye view. Someone can see what’s coming next in our lives and can guide us through the twisty little passages and out of the cycle of dead ends. It’s God.

God sees what we don’t see. He knows what we don’t know. And best of all, He wants to help us out of the dead ends. The question is, do we really have faith that God can and will bring us through the craziness of life? Do we trust Him enough to listen to Him to guide us out? When God says, “Turn left here” will we actually obey? Because when it seems like we’re stuck in a maze, when life seems like nothing but a series of dead ends, let’s all remember that a dead end for us isn’t a dead end for God.

Dead Ends

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