Jeremy Jernigan – Executive Pastor of Creative Arts

We were incredibly blessed to have Dave Ramsey back at Central this weekend. He delivered an in-your-face message on a Biblical view of money and how to leave a legacy that extends far beyond yourself.

Specifically, Dave focused on three spirits around money as seen in Luke 10:38-42 and John 12:1-8.

  1. The spirit of pride (as seen through Martha)
  2. The spirit of poverty (as seen through Judas)
  3. The spirit of gratitude (as seen through Mary)

As Dave explained, Republicans (or people who lean conservative) often err on the spirit of pride. Democrats (or people who lean liberal) often err on the spirit of poverty. But both spirits are a mistaken view to take with money. God invites us to have a spirit of gratitude.

This is the key to leaving a legacy of meaning. But it isn’t easy and it often means we go against the crowd. As Dave said, “You can’t be grateful till you’re humble.”

Dave Ramsey at Central

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