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“May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer.” – Psalm 19:14

There are words and phrases in the English language that are so powerful that we ought to be using them on a daily basis. As followers of Jesus, every word we speak conveys whether our hearts are near to him or drifting. In a recent devotional that I have been reading, I was encouraged to find ways in which to use four phrases on a daily basis as a way of expressing God’s heart to the world around me. I’d like to encourage you with the same.

  1. “I am Sorry” – Too often, we only associate these words with a response to God as we ask for forgiveness. While they are incredibly important words to include in our prayers, they are also important words to include in our relationships. How many times can you recall anyone outside of your immediate family saying these words to you? When was the last time you said it yourself? Why is that? Most of us have a self-defense mechanism that points the blame away from ourselves. We blame others – “If she hadn’t…” We blame situations – “The stress got to me…”. We blame inanimate objects – “My alarm is so unreliable…” Anything…to keep the focus off of ourselves. Let it not be so with us. Don’t play the victim card. Take ownership of what is ours and ask forgiveness where we have fallen short.
  2. “I Forgive You” – Our ability to forgive comes out of the recognition that Christ has first forgiven us. When we recognize the immensity of all that he has forgiven us, to forgive someone else is small change. An inability to forgive is directly tied to our inability to grasp the immensity of God’s forgiveness of our sin. Who is it that you need to speak these words to today?
  3. “Thank You” – Generosity should be a primary mark of those who follow Jesus. We have been forgiven and blessed a thousand times over by a God who loves us deeply. Let your life be marked by a heart that genuinely appreciates people and quickly offers a heart-felt, “Thank you”.
  4. “I Love You” – We are all surrounded by people that we have a deep love for in our hearts. We feel it…but we don’t often express it well. Don’t make the people that you love have to guess or wonder about how you feel for them. You don’t want them to have to rely on some memory from years ago to assure them of your feelings. Speak these words today!

In a world that uses words as weapons on a daily basis. May we, as followers of Jesus, daily use words that build up, heal, and point people to a love and forgiveness that is far greater than anything that we could ever offer in and of ourselves.

Daily Words

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