walk in natureJoey Norton – CLI Intern This past year I have had the privilege of being part of a program that Central started this year with 3 other interns. This program, called the Central Leadership Institute (CLI), has been about training up young leaders that are called to ministry and equipping them. It has been one amazing and challenging year. We have learned a lot from the staff here at Central.

As I think back two weeks ago when Cal was talking about getting involved at Central and serving others, he mentioned a great tool we have on our website called the spiritual gifts test. This test helps us to understand or affirm our spiritual gifts from God. This reminded me of another assessment that opened my eyes to how God uniquely wired me and everyone else. A few months ago our very own Corey Bullock, the Ahwatukee campus pastor, came in to CLI and taught us on spiritual disciplines and our own personal lives.  But before I explain further I need to back track a little… During this time I was having a season in my life where I was very busy with work and at home.  I did not do what I typically loved to do in my free time and get out into nature and/or engage in a article or book that challenged my thinking.  Also at this time God felt a little distant.

Now as I mentioned, Corey came in and talked one day about being disciplined in protecting your time with God and putting it at the highest priority because when life gets busy that tends to be the first thing to go for most people. It was during this teaching module that Corey made a take a spiritual pathways test that helped us to understand how God uniquely designed us and how we tend to best connect with God.  I personally discovered that I best connect with God in nature/his creation and with my mind.  As I stated before those were the two things that had changed in my schedule.  It was like a light bulb had turned on and I knew what had to be done. I had to change my schedule and make time to get outdoors and to get back in the habit of connecting with God how and where I can best sense Him.

You see, God has created each of us in a unique and awesome way.  Maybe you have had this same experience I have.  I challenge you to take this test found here and see how God has uniquely created you and reconnect with God.  But I encourage you to keep stretching yourself in the other areas too where it is more difficult for you.

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