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Some of the most important and influential moments of my life are the result of people being willing to step into disagreement with me. These moments become influential because they plant a fork in the middle of a relationship and say, “I am going to say this because I care about you, even if there is the possibility that you will choose to misunderstand my intentions.”

My question to you is, “Do you care about your friends enough to go there with them?”

One of those “watershed” moments came for me when, as a “fresh-out-of-college intern” in the student ministry at Central, Cal Jernigan, who was then the Student Pastor (at a growing church of 2500 on a single campus in Mesa – but that is another story), pulled me into his office and said words to this effect… “I am going to tell you something that nobody else has been willing to tell you before. I am going to say this because I care more about you and your long-term benefit than I care about how you will choose to allow this to affect our relationship.” Wow! Think about that. Do we care more about people than we care about ourselves (how we will be perceived if we say what we need to say)?

You are surrounded by people whom you influence on a daily basis. I want to encourage you to, with prayer, enter into the fray and lovingly challenge those who God places on your heart – even when it feels uncomfortable. I would not be who I am today if countless people had not loved me enough to do the same.

You were made for more. Your friends were made for more as well.

Caring Enough to Go There

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