Boring Testimonies

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What’s your go-to response when someone walks by and says, “Hey, how’s it going?” “Good!” “Fine!” Sometimes I toss the question back and hear the same reply. I think most would agree this is a typical and culturally accepted greeting in America—kind of a mindless response, but it’s the way we acknowledge each other.

I’m not bothered by “good” or “fine” when I’m using it as a response to a greeting. It’s often accurate. But have you ever found yourself using that as a response to your spiritual life?

If you were to ask yourself how you are doing spiritually, would you respond with a mindless “good” or “fine?” I’ve found myself doing this lately, and I’m realizing how dangerous it is.

Ok, follow me on this: I think some of this dangerous thinking stems from the struggle in sharing “my testimony” with others. Some of you may relate to this—others maybe not. I attended a small Christian university, and in certain small groups or Bible studies I always dreaded the routine beginning weeks where we would sit in a circle and share each of our testimonies. Time and time again, I’d be sitting crisscross with my fellow dorm-mates around someone’s cozy dorm room, in tears from everyone’s amazing life transformation stories—victory from drugs, dramatic stories of God redeeming them from illnesses, extremely painful pasts with broken families. You name it! It was so inspiring to hear the life change and the huge obstacles overcome for God’s glory. And then it would get to me and I’d not have much to share. I’d be so embarrassed describing my life: born and raised in a Christian home, never really walked away from God or rebelled, desiring to live and walk closely with Him.

It’s always been hard for me to know how I can be inspirational to others with my testimony when it doesn’t feel like there’s much to share (cue the “good” or “fine” spiritual life response).

However, as I think about it more, I see how the enemy may use this thinking to keep my focus where it shouldn’t be. Instead of seeing areas in my life that do need to be grown and deepened in my walk with God, I get stuck in the rut of “Oh, my walk with the Lord is fine,” and I keep tunnel vision on the lie that I am fine or good as I am. This prevents me from passionately pursuing God in areas that will really enrich my life.

Are you focused on aspects of your spiritual life that are preventing you from deepening your testimony? What are you missing out on in the growth of your spiritual life? If we stop buying the lie that we are “fine” or “good,” then we can move forward and see where God wants us to be stretched and grown.

Also, if you can relate to me in the struggle of your testimony, know that God can use you—even if you feel your testimony is boring. Stop focusing on that, and as you grow, you may find that God enriches you in ways that are anything but boring.

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Boring Testimonies

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