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What do the three people have in common?  Yes they are all celebrities.  Yes they all are in the top of their respective fields.  Lance Armstrong is an incredible cyclist.  He has had a tremendous impact on raising awareness for cancer.  Manti Te’o was a standout college athlete who played for the University of Notre Dame.  Beyoncé is arguably one of the most talented and recognizable musicians in the entertainment industry.  What they are have in common is that they have all been accused, in one way or another, of perpetuating a lie, or at least a deception.  Lance cheated.  Manti lied.  Beyoncé deceived us at the presidential address.  We all watched.  We may even got angry.  We all knew something was not right.

Being honest is difficult.  Being honest is often the first inclination.  The teens in our lives are watching celebrities repeatedly choose to deceive, distract, and disappoint.  It is important that we help our students understand the repercussions of dishonesty and help them see the importance of integrity and truth.

It has been said that honesty is a very expensive gift, don’t expect it from cheap people.

Here are some reasons our teens should choose to be honest

  1. Honesty is easier than lying – you have to remember details, spend energy keeping it going.  It is exhausting.
  2. Lies will eventually be found out – regardless of how air tight the lie is, the truth eventually surfaces.
  3. The worst truth is better than the best lie – No matter how badly we think someone will react when we tell them something, we can rest assured that they will be a thousand times more upset if (or rather, when) they find out that we have lied to them.
  4. Once trust is broken, the truth can never be fully gained – although we may apologize the level of trust is difficult to be given and is never like it once was.

May we help our teens understand that choosing to be honest is best choice!


Lance Armstrong, Manti Te’o, Beyoncé?

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