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I was asked recently why I am so passionate about getting people to attend the Global Leadership Summit. The answer to that question is amazingly simple: Because I believe in leadership! I believe in leadership! Listed below are twelve core beliefs I hold regarding leadership:

  1. I believe… leadership is first and foremost about character and example. It is a privilege to lead and the best leaders have earned the right to lead others. Jesus was the supreme example of this.
  1. I believe… everyone has a right to be well led. Good leadership should be the norm, not the exception. Nobody deserves having bad leadership over them.
  1. I believe… everyone has a desire to be well led. This is the result of having suffered through being badly led. This negative experience leaves us all with a deep desire to experience something better.
  1. I believe…everyone has a need to be well led. We are all under someone else’s leadership. It is imperative to us that the person who leads us be competent.
  1. I believe… everyone has leadership ability and potential. Leadership is not reserved for the chosen few. We all lead in some capacity or another and we all can get better at leading. Others count on our leadership.
  1. I believe… a lid is placed on all our lives which is directly correlated to the amount of leadership we have developed. Everyone wins by developing their leadership capacity. Those who fail to do this suffer personally as well as causing those surrounding them to suffer.
  1. I believe… leadership can be taught and it can be learned. While there are certainly some who are “born leaders”, most don’t come into it by birth. Leadership is a form of art. It is a skill that someone who has developed it can give to someone who hasn’t yet done so. The best way to speed up the process is to become intentional about learning.
  1. I believe… developing our leadership makes us better spouses, parents, and employees. Many homes have paid an enormous price because one or more family members didn’t develop their leadership abilities. Bad leadership causes everyone to suffer.
  1. I believe… without extending effort, we will never develop our leadership Good leadership takes practice. It involves trial and error. It is a skill. We have to apply ourselves if we’re going to reach our leadership potential. We must be committed learners.
  1. I believe… leadership is worth whatever price we must pay to learn. It is worth the time, and it is worth the effort. It is simply worth it… always. We can learn simply (and slowly) from experiences in life as they occur, or we can get serious and get intentional about learning now. Being intentional about it speeds it up considerably!
  1. I believe… the church deserves to be served by well-developed leaders. Too many churches are “leadership adverse” environments, allowing and accepting inferior leadership in the name of being “nice”. For the church to become all it’s capable of becoming, it must be well led, and it must be led courageously. The church deserves competent leadership!
  1. I believe… the Global Leadership Summit is a fantastic environment to learn new leadership skills and to sharpen already developed ones. We participate church-wide in this simply because I know of no better way to get more people more exposure more quickly. Because we host this it is within reach of all of us.

The Global Leadership Summit is coming to Central on August 6th and 7th. It will be held on both the Mesa and the Gilbert campuses. Set aside these two days to intentionally become a better leader!  Now is the time to get signed up as we are anticipating that we might very well run out of space (in Gilbert, certainly). Get serious about developing your leadership and sign up now.  Over 1500 people have already done so!

I believe you will seriously regret it if you let this opportunity pass you by.

I Believe in Leadership

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