Dean Kuest – Glendale Campus Pastor

Praying that each of you will join me in this journey of “Becoming”.

I AM…the name for God who was, who is, who forever will be

I AM…the reason for my hope

I AM…the reason I am able to become

I AM…the light in the darkness

I AM…the shaper of my pain


I do not have to be what I have always been…I Am Becoming

I am no longer defined by the sins of my past…I Am Becoming

I have faults, struggles and things past that affect my present but…I Am Becoming

Sometimes the process hurts but…I Am Becoming


I Am Becoming…a man who seeks God’s heart

I Am Becoming…a Father and Husband who is more intentional

I Am Becoming…more joyful in the journey

I Am Becoming…less caught up in the things that don’t matter

I Am Becoming…better at recognizing the things that do matter

I Am Becoming…


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