Applying the Lyrics

Nathan Del Turco | Associate Worship Pastor

We’ve been singing a new song in church the past month, called “When You Walk Into the Room”. This song has been resonating with me for some time now.

This song has challenged my knee-jerk reaction to fix everything.

In my life, I’m good at problem solving. I’m a fixer by nature. But, am I good about inviting Jesus into the room?

Does my natural inclination to “fix” everything help me, or hinder me?

“When You Walk Into the Room” is all about Jesus stepping into the room of our life. When we invite Him in, everything changes. Here are some of the lyrics.

When You walk into the room, everything changes and darkness starts to tremble at the light that you bring…When you walk into the room, sickness starts to vanish, every hopeless situation ceases to exist. When you walk into the room, the dead begin to rise, ‘cause there is resurrection life in all you do. -Bryan and Katie Torwalt

Jesus by nature, God, is the restorer of all things. So why don’t we ask for His help FIRST when we’re facing trouble at home, work, or in our relationships? When we need restoration, why not go to the Restorer?

One of our Teaching Pastors, Jeremy Jernigan, said this in a recent message…

You are not the solution to your problems.

Thank God.

I know that if everything were left up to me, I would be lost. Some days I’m more aware of it than other days, but I need Jesus. Every moment. Every day.

And so do you.

My nugget for us today, is simply to acknowledge this.

That Jesus, the creator of everything is standing by and waiting for you to invite Him into the room. Don’t go it alone. Ask Jesus to help in your present need, and then watch as everything begins change.

Applying the Lyrics

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- Nathan is the Associate Worship Pastor at Central. He lives in the Valley with his wife Stacey, and their two children, Alastair and Harbor.