Aubrey and Steve Nov 2013

Aubrey and Steve Nov 2013

Steve Mass – Worship Leader

It’s funny how time flies.

This past weekend marked Aubrey and my first year living in Arizona. Not quite sure how it happened, but God in His normal fashion knew that moving here would provide something new and exciting for us as a couple.

This year was filled with a ton of first time experiences including: moving from where we grew up, living in a new state, having a car stolen and renting our first home.

Sometimes it was fun, but mostly it was hard. We had a tough time being separated from family and thinking about having kids away from them. We moved into another apartment, which wasn’t awful, but we were hoping to have something a little bigger for our dogs to be able to run around. Not to mention not having to get up in the middle of the night to take them out.

I loved my new job, while Aubrey was stuck working at Cheesecake Factory. Not exactly her dream job, which caused tension in our marriage. We made new friends , and as great as they were, we couldn’t help but miss our friends at home more.

During the first couple of months I told Aubrey that we would give it a year. If it didn’t work out we’d pack up and head home. I essentially gave God and ultimatum to prove that we made the right choice in moving to Arizona. my faith and patience has started to wear thin. About 8 months into it, during a time of reading, I came across a verse that didn’t really want to read but needed to.

Wait for the Lord; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the Lord – PSALM 27:14

Just before I read this I was about to send in my resume to some churches back home, and planning on how to make the transition back home.


For a person who has very little patience this term seemed like salt in the wound. But amongst the frustration, a sense of peace came over me.

Who am I to think that God hasn’t already thought this out. Who am I to think that God wasn’t going to show Himself to be faithful? To my knowledge God hasn’t broken promises before throughout history. Why would He start now with me?

Sure enough, one month before our anniversary in Arizona, God showed up.

Aubrey now works at the church with me at Central as the Children’s Director for Ahwatukee campus, we found a rental home that blew our expectations our of the water, we paid off our car which made us completely debt free, and our marriage was strengthened in ways we never thought possible.

My wife, besides God, is the real hero of the story. Among all the sadness and frustration she stayed out here for me and my job. She had every reason to be angry that we moved here, away from family and friends. But in the end she fought the hard fight, and I am so grateful for her. I don’t deserve her, but she chooses to love me and to stick by my side.

God is faithful to His promises, no matter how long it may seem to take. I realize this won’t be the last test of patience and faith, but I know my perspective will be forever changed when the challenges arise.


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