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Paul Covert – Prayer Pastor

It was exciting to worship with 1246 others at the prayer conference.   The place was rock’n and you could feel the energy in the room.   I found myself mindful of the size and quality of the team it takes to pull off an event like this and how well they worked together.   I don’t think you would find anyone who did not sense that God was in this series and conference in a very special way.

Mark is a really great guy.  He is backstage just as he is on stage.  He is friendly, kind, willing to comply with whatever the needs are and joyful.   His humility greeted us from the moment he began to speak.  He asserted, “My prayer batting average is no better than yours.”  That is quite a humble statement for someone who has written a book on prayer that has sold one million copies.

Three things ministered to me personally from the conference and weekend services:

1) He emphatically stated that, “Everything begins with prayer.”

This is important to me because I have to confess that even though I am the prayer pastor and pray a good deal, not everything I do starts in prayer.  I sometimes run ahead of God, and those times are easy to pick out because they are flat and not very useful.   I don’t think I am alone in my struggle.  You may need to hear this concept also.

2) Mark’s approach to consecrate himself was very powerful too.

He asks the Lord to forgive any human strategy he has pursued that was not conceived in prayer.   I have never heard anything like this before.  I wonder how my life and ministry would be different if I asked the Lord to forgive me for everything I do that was not birthed in prayer.  I have a feeling it would revolutionary.  I intend to see!

3) The strongest point for me was that the Bible was meant to be prayed.

Mark believes that as you read the Bible and God speaks to you about something, that is where you should start your prayer time for the day.  We have been taught that prayer and Bible reading are two different things.  But Batterson puts a whole new light on these disciplines.  Although I have been working on this for a while, he has fired me up to grow in this area.

Thanks Mark for a great weekend, conference, and for leading the way!

2014 Prayer Conference

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