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This weekend we concluded our eight-week series, “Grounded,” wrestling with the question, “Where is God?”

This week we ended the series on “wind.” It’s an interesting force that we experience regularly, yet cannot see. But although the wind is invisible, its effect certainly isn’t.

Reading from Matthew 14, the disciples are feeling the results of a powerful windstorm. Just trying to get across the Sea of Galilee on a boat, the disciples are fighting against choppy waters because of the wind. If it weren’t for the waves, they probably would have made it to other side already, but the wind is against them. Have you ever been in a position like that – feeling stuck because the “wind” is against you? But just because the wind is against you doesn’t mean God isn’t with you. As we’ll read next, sometimes the wind is against you so Jesus can do something in you.

In the midst of struggling through the wind, the disciples spot a figure walking toward them on the water. Naturally, they’re frightened! But it’s Jesus, telling them not to be afraid. Peter sees an opportunity and asks Jesus to let him walk on water too, and he does! But as soon as Peter sees the wind, he becomes terrified and sinks. Luckily Jesus catches him and they both get into the boat with the others.

There is something both exciting but also terrifying about following Jesus, just like Peter experienced on the water. We like the idea of following God, until it takes us to a place where we’re out of control. And it’s times like that where we can tend to clutch onto control – much like clutching a paddle on a sailboat. But…

  1. When the wind blows, you don’t need a paddle.
  2. When you’re holding a paddle, the wind is more likely to be against you than for you.
  3. You will go further with the wind in your sails than a paddle in your hands.

Are you fighting the wind – where God is trying to take you – or are you sailing with it? As we’ve seen through this series, God is with you right now! With that knowledge, will you trust him to take care of you and lead you where you need to be?

Verses and quotes from the message:

Matthew 14:22-33; Matthew 8:5-6; Genesis 1:1-2; John 3:8

“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The leader adjusts the sails.” John Maxwell

Needles and Pins
Shel Silverstein

Needles and pins,
Needles and pins,
Sew me a sail
To catch me the wind.

Sew me a sail
Strong as the gale,
Carpenter, bring out your
Hammers and nails.

Hammers and nails,
Hammers and nails,
Build me a boat
To go chasing the whales.

Chasing the whales,
Sailing the blue
Find me a captain
And sign me a crew.

Captain and crew,
Captain and crew,
Take me, oh take me
To anywhere new.

Big idea

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Look to the Son – Hillsong Music
Let there Be Light – Hillsong Music
The Stand – Hillsong Music
I Breathe You In, God – Jesus Culture

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