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Alex Enabnit – Research Editor

Have you ever been in a situation that left you wondering how you got there? Sometimes it can feel like that in an organization like a church too! So to clarify our identity as believers and as a church, we started a new series this week called “We Are.”

Walking us through Luke 5:17-26, Cal told the story of the paralytic man who was lowered through the roof of a building full of people just so that he could get to Jesus. This is a situation where the house was so crowded that the crippled man’s friends literally tore apart the roof so that they could get him healed! And Jesus did heal the man, but only after forgiving his sins.

From this text, we can draw a few insights: is it enough to just pray for people, or are we at least partially responsible to bring them to Jesus? What obstacles are we willing to overcome to bring people to Him? Because unfortunately, a full building often keeps people away from Jesus.

Central’s is a story of generations of not only growth, but time, energy, and sacrifice from members over the years to lead people to discover and fully own faith in Jesus. From meeting in a house to meeting on five campuses, we are committed to carrying out this mission and following Jesus wherever He leads us next. Where is that, exactly? Only time will tell, but you can bet our mission will be the same. We want people to get to Jesus!

Verses from the sermon:

Luke 5:17-26; Ephesians 3:20-21

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- I am the programming coordinator at Central Christian Church AZ. I also moderate the Central Teaching Blog. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!