The Time of Harvest

Cal Jernigan – Senior Pastor

Something exciting is about to happen. Actually, two exciting things are just about to happen. Let me tell you about the second one first, then I will tell you of something that is happening THIS WEEKEND.

Greg Laurie is coming to Phoenix. If you have no idea who he is or why this is a big deal, let me explain: Greg Laurie is the Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel in Riverside, California. This is a very large and influential church and Greg is their gifted Pastor. But this isn’t about Calvary Chapel. It’s bigger.

In addition to being a Senior Pastor of a local church, Greg is also a world-renowned evangelist. His success at leading people to Jesus has caused him to be dubbed “the new Billy Graham.” For years now, Greg has held huge gatherings which he calls “Festivals,” where he has filled football stadiums with people and used the opportunity to invite those in attendance to give their lives to Jesus. To date, about 500,000 people have done so, accepting the invitation to follow Jesus. Let’s just say God has been using Greg in mighty and spectacular ways.

So, here’s the first thing to get excited about. Greg Laurie is holding a Harvest America Festival at the University of Phoenix stadium on Sunday night, June 11th. It’s a two hour event which will include concerts by NEEDTOBREATHE, Mercy Me, Trip Lee, and Phil Wickham… and then Greg will bring a message which will include an invitation for those who want to give their lives to Jesus to respond. Hundreds, if not thousands, will do so. It will be spectacular. The event is free, but be aware there is a $10 fee for parking. Here’s the idea… FILL YOUR CAR WITH PEOPLE AND BRING THEM WITH YOU!!! I will be there, as will many others from Central. Check out this link for more details.

Now, here’s the second thing to get excited about… Greg Laurie is coming to Central! He is coming to Central THIS WEEKEND!!! He will be our guest and he will be bringing the message to our people! Folks, this is HUGE!! We are being blessed by God by having him preach the Word. I want you to be aware of who he is and the significance of this weekend.

Now, the last thing I want to tell you is possibly the most important. Greg will conclude his message this weekend with an invitation for people to come to Jesus. At Central. This weekend. For the sake of your friends. Please bring them with you to church this weekend!!!

Here’s what I’m confident of:  When you get a chance to hear and meet Greg this weekend, not only will you be thrilled that you brought your friends to church with you, but some of them will respond to Jesus and THE COURSE OF THEIR ETERNITY WILL CHANGE. That makes this a historic weekend. Much is at stake. Please join me in praying that God will do incredible things in the lives of all who attend. Greg will be in person in Mesa on Saturday night at 4:00 and on Sunday morning at 9:00. He will be in Gilbert on Saturday night at 5:30 and on Sunday morning at 10:30. All other services will experience him via video.

Please make this a matter of prayer and make the most out of this opportunity. Be sure to be there this weekend and bring someone with you! See you then!

The Time of Harvest

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