The Reality of Jesus Christ

Alex Enabnit – Programming Coordinator

This weekend we started a new study called “Short Stories” that’s all about the little books near the end of the Bible that most people tend to skip over. But while they may be short, they are dense with truth!

In the first section of “Short Stories,” we’re going to be reading through 1 John. In this subsection we’re calling “God Is,” John is going to tell us just who God is. And you can be certain he’s qualified to tell you about the character of God; John was in the “inner three” group of disciples that were especially close to Jesus, he was with Jesus when he was crucified, he was even asked by Jesus to take care of His mother, Mary, when Jesus was dying on the cross. This same John is the man who wrote the Gospel of John, the Book of Revelation, and the three epistles known as 1, 2, & 3 John. As a close friend, follower, and eyewitness of Jesus, John is a man whose life was completely changed by Christ and he just can’t keep quiet about it!

So John writes his first letter to a group of Christians whose trouble wasn’t persecution, but seduction. They are being influenced by heresies claiming that Jesus didn’t really exist as a man and that following Jesus wasn’t about what you did but what you knew – they taught that you could do whatever you wanted as long as you have some key knowledge. John vehemently opposes this, and that is evident by just the first four verses in 1 John, which we read today.

In these verses, John explains that Jesus is real – so real that John personally heard, saw, looked at, and even touched him! John is saying that Jesus came in flesh and blood, but also that He is also God; preeminent and preexistent e.g., “That which was from the beginning…” Not only that, but he also explains that he wants the readers to have fellowship with him and the other Christians and fellowship with God – two relationships that John links closely together. While the heretics are trying to make Jesus exclusive and available to only those who have certain knowledge, John “unclips the velvet rope” and invites us to have a relationship with the creator of the universe… Up close and personal.

Join us next week as we jump straight into the next section of 1 John – you won’t want to miss it!

Verses and quotes from the sermon:

Matthew 24:11; Acts 20:28-31; John 1:1-3, 14; 1 John 1:1-4; Mark 3:14

Big Idea: The more compelling your experience with Christ, the more compelled you are to share it.


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