The Real Rock Stars

Brooke Norton | Gilbert Student Life Group Pastor


And that’s a wrap! The 2016 summer camp season has come to an end. Although leaders are recuperating from the last two weeks of insanity, I will speak for most of us when I say it was all worth it! These leaders have taken time out of their summer, time away from their families, time away from work, and have spent more energy than they ever thought they could! They were patient, they offered a lot of grace, they spoke the truth about who Jesus is, they participated in crazy games, they made themselves look like goofballs doing the running man challenge, and got hit by paintballs all in the name of Jesus! I am incredibly proud of our Central Student Ministries leaders that chose to go to summer camp and make an impact on the Kingdom of God.


I have complied a list of empowering quotes from our Central Student Ministries leaders about their experience at summer camp and how summer truly does change everything for our students. Check them out:


“Camp is an experience that changes your life in so many ways. It’s so amazing to see the students decide to dedicate their lives to Christ and to take their next step in their faith.”


“Summer camp was an eye opening and inspirational time of brotherhood with the guys in my group. Faith is not knowing what the future holds, but knowing who holds the future. These students hold the future because of who Jesus is.”


“Junior High camp was an amazing experience that, as a High School student, showed me just how much fun Junior High students can be. I will never forget the decisions my group of girls made in their lives how God moved throughout the week. It was an astounding opportunity to be able to lead them closer to Christ and it would be an honor for God to let me participate about next year.”


“I had lots of students want to re-dedicate their lives to God again. I had one student who was really struggling but after sharing my story, she was able to relate to me. We were able to partner together and make a plan for her to start praying more.”


“Being a leader of Junior and Senior girls I had a chance to speak into the lives of these students. Students have a passion to encourage one another and to love one another. I was constantly reminded during my week at camp how vital relationships are and to let people into your life. My girls had a true passion to see change in the world and to be Kingdom workers.”


Summer changes everything! Thank you to everyone who served in any capacity to make our summer camps happen! Our leaders are the real rock stars of our ministry. Join me in celebrating their hard work and dedication! And praise God for the lasting impact they will make in the students’ lives forever!

The Real Rock Stars

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