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Happy Father’s Day! This weekend we continued our series in “Grounded” exploring a very dad-appropriate topic: sweat.

Here in Arizona, sweat is probably something we’re all pretty accustomed to. Interestingly, marketing has effectively convinced us that sweating is embarrassing, and sometimes even shameful. But regardless of what Right Guard or Old Spice tries to tell us, sweating is a necessary part of daily life and essential to our bodies functioning in a healthy way. In this message, Jeremy applied this topic spiritually as well; that “sweat” is the healthy result of wrestling with God.

Many of us struggle with the idea of wrestling with God, thinking that it’s not allowed. But coming to God with our frustrations, pain, questions, doubts, or even anger towards God is actually a way to have a deeper intimacy with him. It’s okay to tell God that we’re not okay! In fact, I would even go as far as to say that wrestling with God is a key part of following him. Walking with God and not wrestling is like going to the gym and not breaking a sweat – it’s hard to get great results from that. In our walk with God, the journey shapes the destination.

Probably the most interesting example in the Bible of wrestling with God is Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Right before he goes to the cross, Jesus pleads with God through intense prayer for any other way besides the cross for His will to be done. But unlike Jacob wrestling with God and getting a blessing, Jesus didn’t win – he didn’t get the answer that he wanted. But in the process of wrestling, Jesus had intimacy with God that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

How do you feel about wrestling with God? Have you ever wrestled long enough to break a sweat? You may not always get the result you want, but one thing is clear: after wrestling with God, you’ll never be the same person you were before.

Verses and quotes from the message:

Genesis 32:24-28, 31; Genesis 3:19; Luke 22:44

“One does not discover the purpose for which a watch exists by examining its parts.” Lesslie Newbigin

“Water drinks its paradise in the sea, and sweat finds horizon, uproar, crest. Sweat is a brimming salty tree, a greedy surf. To offer the land its trembling cup sweat reaches from earth’s farthest age, feeds thirst and salt drop by drop, to kindle life. Sun’s cousin, tear’s brother, motion’s child, April to October, winter to summer, it goes rolling through the field in golden vines.” Sweat – Miguel Hernandez

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Set List

This is Amazing Grace – Phil Wickham
This I Believe (The Creed) – Hillsong Music
Good Good Father – Pat Barrett

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