Summer Changes Everything

Jason Person – Lead Student Pastor

Summer Changes Everything. This is something we truly believe here at Central and especially around our Children’s and Student’s teams. Summer is special because that’s when all of our children and students get to experience God in new ways, through special programs like Extreme Week and summer camps.

As I write this, I am currently in California at our High School Summer Camp. We just finished day 3 of camp, and already we are hearing stories of how God is moving in our Servant Ministers and Students. The great thing about Summer Camp is we get these students away from their everyday lives and they are spending time with our awesome Servant Ministers. Over the last two days, all of our students have been competing in color wars. One of the games we are playing up here is Zorb soccer and I have had the pleasure of playing the role of “Chaos” during the games. You see the great thing about this position in the game is that I get to run around in a giant zorb ball, and run into the students as they play. Basically adding chaos to the game.The part I like most about this position is that I am basically in control. I get to decide what part of the field I’m on, what type of chaos I’m going to cause and how much chaos I bring to the game. I get to do all of this in the comfort of my own Zorb ball.

I like to do life this way. I get into an area where I feel comfortable and in control. As long I can control the chaos and make all of the decisions I want, then life is good. The problem with this mindset is there is always a blind spot. Some sort of danger that I can’t see because I am content with what is going on in my little bubble.

The problem in Zorb soccer is my blind spot comes when I get comfortable and I think I am in control. It’s hard to keep your eyes on 6 students running around in Zorb balls all trying to “take you out”. As soon as I let my guard down then BOOM I get hit by someone I didn’t see coming, and the next thing I know I’m on my back trying to figure out what happened and what hit me.

This is life right? As soon we get comfortable in life we take our eyes off of God and BOOM, we get hit by someone, or something, that we never saw coming. We are left trying to figure out what happened and how do we get back up. The problem with both of these scenarios is that we’re never actually in control. I can think I have control of my life, or I have it all figured out, but something always happens. What then?

If we were to focus on God, we wouldn’t be distracted by these other illusions causing us to think we have control. Then when we get blindsided, were not standing they’re trying to figure out what’s next. We would know to keep our focus and confidence in God, the one who has control.

So the question is what is your blind spot? Do you have the illusion you’re in control? Do you think you have it all figured out and you have all the answers? Summer Changes Everything. This is true for our students, but it is also true for all of us as well.

Summer Changes Everything

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