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Continuing our “Grounded” series, this weekend we looked at the sky.

When asking most people where God lives, they might say heaven. And when asked where heaven is, most people immediately point to the sky. He’s up there… somewhere. This view isn’t necessarily wrong – there are many verses in the Bible supporting it! The issue comes with the implications that might come with this idea; if God is only “out there” then it’s much harder to experience Him here.

Long before satellites could give detailed images of our planet, the ancient Hebrews had a different idea of how the world worked. In their view, the earth was a disk supported by pillars, and surrounded by a body of water. The sky was contained by a large dome of water, which rested on the mountains. This is a little hard to picture without an image, so here’s an example that Biblical scholars have drawn:

The unfortunate problem with this model is the incredible distance that God has from the earth (us) – almost like the dome is a shield, leaving us with no way to get to God. And although we don’t have this view of the earth today, many of us live as if God is still far out of reach. Luckily, everything changed when Jesus came onto the scene! Not only did he bridge the gap between God and us, but he also promises the Holy Spirit to any who follow him. Because of the Holy Spirit, God is constantly with us! There is no longer any separation. There is no dome, because Jesus brought the “sky” down to us.

Are you living like God is near? Or does he feel distant? The good news is, He doesn’t have to be! God is with anyone who invites Jesus into their lives. If you’re interested in this or have questions on what it’s all about, click here to get started.

Verses and quotes from the sermon:

Colossians 1:23; Psalm 104:5-9; Isaiah 66:1; Hebrews 1:1-3; John 14:6; Romans 8:38; Acts 1:8-11

“Jesus is what God looks like when there are no clouds in the way.” Greg Boyd

“God is the name I use when I talk about me searching for Him. But Jesus is the name I use when I talk about God searching for me.” Erwin McManus

Parade of Clouds
By Margaret Dorste

As I lie on my back
Gazing up at the sky,
I see two fleecy lambs,
Bounding by.

And all of a sudden,
What do I see?
Why, a big polar bear,
Glaring down at me.

Now there’s a dragon,
Breathing white fire.
And it’s replaced in a poof!
By a monkey swinging in a tire.

The parade continues,
With a ship floating on a white sea.
Then there’s an elephant,
Waving its trunk at me.

Watching the clouds is so much fun,
They are whatever you want to see.
All that is needed,
Is to let your imagination run free.

Big Idea

Set List

Look to the Son – Hillsong Music
O Come to the Altar – Elevation Worship
The Stand – Hillsong Music
Touch the Sky – Hillsong Music

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