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Cal Jernigan – Senior Pastor

“Where there is no faith in the future, there is no power in the present.”

This is a line I quoted in the Easter message this past weekend. The line is attributed to a man named Halford E. Luccok. I discovered it while reading the book, The Hope Quotient, by Pastor Ray Johnston. In that book, Johnston quotes Luccock. The line comes as the conclusion of a very interesting observation that Luccok had made. Please allow me to tell you the story, as it was passed on by Johnston.

“More than sixty years ago, a small town in Maine disappeared under the waves when a utility company built a dam on the Dead River. Flooding started in 1949, but it took three years to submerge the homes, streets, and memories. When the utility decided to build the dam, a representative went to each resident and said in essence, ‘We’re building a huge dam at the end of this valley, and water is going to back up and fill the whole area. We’ll pay you for your property and you can live here for free until you have to move, but at some point, your town is going to be submerged, so you’ll have to move.’ About a year after the utility company bought the property, a writer revisited what had been his family’s home. It was now a town with an expiration date. Many of the residents hadn’t yet moved away, but he saw a remarkable change in the town. What was once a charming neighborhood of tidy homes with fenced yards had become a dilapidated ghost town. Why repair a blown-down fence when it was going to be knocked over by a wave anyway? Why fix a window or a pothole? Why try to be neighborly if everyone was moving away? Then he penned this incredible summary line: ‘Where there is no faith in the future, there is no power in the present.’”1

It’s a great thought, isn’t it? Why bother thinking about tomorrow when you don’t have any hope in the future? Why bother to dream?

Now all of this begs a really practical question:  What are you hoping for? What is it about the future that you are striving toward? What do you want to see God do in your life tomorrow that you haven’t experienced yet today?

When will you move toward it?

This all reminds of the truth communicated in Proverbs 29:18:

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” KJV

What would you like to see God do in your future?

Do you know the greatest way to see it happen?

Begin to pray about it today. Ask God now to begin a work in you now that will culminate in that outcome!

Have dreams for your marriage? Pray about them? For your family? Pray! For your career? Turn it over to God. Want to overcome something you’re struggling with today? Ask God for his help now!!!

It really is true… Where there is no faith in the future there is no power in the present.

Today is the present that has the potential to change the future. For this to happen, though, you must have hope. Hope ultimately comes from God and from being in a right relationship with him. People who walk with God have an assurance of the future that others just don’t and can’t have.

Praying is the greatest and most hopeful thing we can do to get us there. It’s what we can do today! So…GET MOVING!

1: Johnston, Ray (2014-05-13). The Hope Quotient: Measure It. Raise It. You’ll Never Be the Same. (p. 63). Thomas Nelson. Kindle Edition.

Repost: MOVING?

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