Politics: Elephants, Donkeys and a Lamb



Blake Henry – Student Life Group Pastor Mesa Campus

Voting. It is something that some people would say that makes America great, some would even say it is our duty to vote. Yet here I am someone that has been able to vote for close to ten years now legally and I still have never voted. I could list a whole lot of different reasons why I have never voted such as when I first turned 18 I just didn’t care enough or in my younger twenties I would tell you that my single vote wouldn’t matter anyways so why waste the time. Now I don’t want everyone to get upset and stop reading my blog here so let me just say before I go on, I have nothing against people that vote! 

As you are probably aware, I am writing this while we are in the middle of the political campaigns for people vying to be the next President of the United States. These candidates whether they are an elephant or a donkey are pouring all kinds of money into media outlets to try to get all of us to vote their way. There is where my problem lies with voting these days, because I have seen and heard their ways of doing things and they don’t seem to line up very much with the politics of the Lamb whom I have ultimately pledged my allegiance to and His name is Jesus.

While todays candidates might be about making America great again or about building walls for our national security, they are ultimately causing a state of fear. This fear causes people to have an “us verses them” mentality whoever “them” may be. But Jesus on the other hand is always trying to break down those walls.

“For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility,” – Ephesians 2:14

Jesus is constantly pointing people to go to the people who are different from them. Not only is He pointing us towards the people different from us or on the other side of the wall, He is telling us to serve them, to love them and make room for them at our table! This is the politics of Jesus! Jesus’ politics never marginalized people that were different, they actually do the opposite and bring the people on the margins to the center to be loved! 

I now vote with my actions in trusting that Jesus’ politics are greater than that of the worlds. See I truly believe that we can see God’s Kingdom come to earth as it is in Heaven. I believe that we can see change in the world for the better, but I do not think it comes from trusting in any political candidate. I believe it comes by trusting Jesus’ way of bringing about change which is through humble and self-sacrificial love.

So if you are reading this and you are a follower of Christ I just want to encourage you to think about whose politics you trust more. Do you trust the candidates that are elephants and donkeys who win by creating fear or do you trust Jesus the Lamb who creates peace and tears down walls?

Politics: Elephants, Donkeys and a Lamb

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