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Alex Enabnit – Programming Coordinator

Today we started a new series called “Marks of Ownership” to discuss our mission as a church. This whole series is dedicated to explaining what makes Central tick and what you can do to get on board!

If you’ve been around Central for any amount of time, you may have heard our mission statement. Chances are, you also couldn’t really remember it because it was very long. Although we had a three-word synopsis of the statement, it didn’t really do justice to what we were trying to explain. So in order to make our mission statement both concise and memorable, we boiled it down to once sentence:

“Leading people to discover and fully own faith in Jesus.”

We want people to discover Jesus and then take ownership over their faith in Him. This is a change from the norm because the standard practice as a “next step” has always been to become a member of a church. That comes with problems, however; membership is thought of as being exclusive, carrying privileges and rights. Our goal at Central is not to create a system of members, but rather owners. This is a huge change in mindset! There are many juxtapositions between owners and members, but here is a short list to give you an idea:

Membership is about rights – Ownership is about responsibilities

Membership implies you have arrived – Ownership implies continuous action

Membership is about entitlement – Ownership is about empowerment

Members want something – Owners give something

Members report the problem – Owners fix the problem

Members can walk away – Owners see things through

Members are benefactors – Owners are contributors

In other words, we don’t expect less from owners; we expect more from them. Are you ready to own your faith and the mission of Central? Because it’s time.

Own it.

Verses from the message:

2 Corinthians 13:5; John 3:1-15; John 7:45-52; John 19:38-42

Big Idea: You will never give up for God more than you will gain from Him

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