Of Faith and Firsts

Alex Enabnit – Programming Coordinator

This weekend we concluded our Money Wise series by tackling a big concept, the preeminence of God.

What is preeminence? It means to be first in rank or influence. So in terms of God, it means that God is superior; supreme; above all; greater than all. It means He comes first! This is what the widow in Mark 12:41-44 understood. Although the two coins she gave to God were of small worth, they were all she had to live on. But she understood God’s supremacy, giving sacrificially to Him. This is why Jesus recognized her gift as the most generous at the temple.

But this is why God deserves the first. Because God is preeminent, the first always belongs to Him. This is why when we tithe we are supposed to be giving from our firstfruits, not the leftovers or whatever extra we decide to give Him. This is why if you bring God the first, you can trust Him with the rest.

To close the message and the series, Cal asked everyone to take out the dollar bill they were handed at the door and look at the phrase on the back, “In God We Trust.” He then asked you to write whether or not you agreed next to the phrase – a simple yes or no. If the answer was no, you can use that bill like any other; it wouldn’t be any different to you. But if you answered yes, you should keep that bill as a reminder of who and what matters most. The bill can serve as an everyday reminder of the preeminence of God.

Verses and quotes from the message:

Mark 12:41-44; Colossians 1:15-18; Exodus 22:29-30; Exodus 23:19; Genesis 4:2-5; Proverbs 3:9-10; Matthew 6:33

“If you give what you do not need, it isn’t giving.” Mother Teresa

Big Idea:  If you bring God the first, you can trust Him for the rest.


Alive – Hillsong Music
Our God – Chris Tomlin
My Heart is Yours – Kristian Stanfill
Lord, I Need You – Matt Maher

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- I am the programming coordinator at Central Christian Church AZ. I also moderate the Central Teaching Blog. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!