Of Debt and Deception

Alex Enabnit – Programming Coordinator

This weekend we continued our financial series talking about a serious burden on the majority of Americans: debt.

Hopefully you got a chance to see the message so you could witness how strong our senior pastor is! To illustrate debt, Cal placed weights representing financing a car, student loans, credit card debt, etc. into a backpack which he wore the entire time he preached. Debt is no joke – it is a heavy burden that many people carry, and in many cases, we get ourselves into that hole through frivolous spending.

But it’s also important to understand what the Bible says about debt, because debt is not a sin – it is discouraged, but not a sin. Proverbs 22:7 makes it pretty clear when it says, “The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender.” Being in debt is a lot like being enslaved, and that’s not something that we should want for our lives.

If you need help with figuring out your finances or a plan for getting out of debt, I would highly encourage you to check out our Enrich ministry. Click here to learn more!

Verses and quotes from the message:

Proverbs 22:7; Romans 13:6-8; 2 Kings 4:1; Ecclesiates 5:5; Psalm 37:21; Deuteronomy 29:4-5

“We spend money we don’t have on things that we don’t need to impress people that we don’t even like, mortgaging a future we won’t be able to enjoy because of a past that we’d like to forget.” Barry Cameron

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