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Our culture is loud. Not always in the volume sense, but also in the ways we live life. The world isn’t paying attention to the wallflowers. To get noticed you need to dress flashier, sing more profane lyrics, post raunchier pictures on Facebook (don’t even get me started on Facebook, that’s for another post). Our culture will always need MORE.

A book I just finished reading talked about a similar trend in ancient Rome. After the Romans had conquered every army they had nothing left to do with their time. That lead to the building of the Coliseum. Here, the gladiators took the stage and slaughtered thousands of men for show. Now for me, hack and saw movies get me queasy just from watching them on the TV. I can’t even imagine seeing that happen up close! Experiencing all the sensory details like the smell of blood and waste and seeing flesh torn in front of my very eyes would be excruciating. The Romans were bored! The normal day-to-day lifestyle wasn’t enough anymore. Along with the brutal killing add sexual perversion and drug abuse started to become a part of everyday life.


There is so much nonsense hitting our radar that it’s hard to tell what’s worth listening to. Now, we may not deal with public displays of death but who’s to say that it won’t come back around to that? What will be louder than what we are already hearing? I think some would argue that it’s even worse now than in Ancient Rome, you just don’t see it out in the open.

And you know where it’s coming from? Our desire to be loved! We can’t formulate a healthy way to be heard, so we make a louder noise! Attention becomes our filler for the void of love in our life.

So where does it stop? In my own personal life it came from realizing that Jesus was enough for me. This isn’t to say that I still don’t seek approval or want to be liked by everyone, that’s just human nature. But I know that at the end of the day Jesus will decide what was actually benefiting His kingdom. Creating noise to just make noise proves and does nothing but gain approval from the world instead of the King.

What noise are you making? Is it for the sake of the kingdom? or for the sake of making noise?


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