Nobody Notices?

Cal Jernigan – Senior Pastor

Would you steal money from a blind man? What kind of person would do such a thing?

A while back, a blind man approached the counter of a Dairy Queen in Hopkins, Minnesota. As he placed his order, he fumbled with his wallet and accidentally and unknowingly dropped a $20 bill on the floor as he walked away. The woman behind him, a fiftyish year old lady picked up the bill. The attendant behind the counter assumed she would give it back to the blind man. She didn’t. Instead, she promptly put it in her purse. The server behind the counter was appalled. His name was Joey Prusak. He was 19 at the time. What to do?

He respectfully confronted her. He told her that the $20 belonged to the gentleman who was blind, and asked her to return it. She disagreed, claiming she had dropped it. The young employee was unfazed. He politely asked her to give it back. She again declined to do so, this time vehemently claiming the money was hers. He told her that he would not serve someone who treated people that disrespectfully. It was at this point she began to cuss out the young employee. He then asked her, apparently politely, to leave the store, stating firmly that he would not serve her anything if she didn’t return the man’s money. In a further cloud of expletives, she left the Dairy Queen, taking the man’s $20 with her.

Everyone in the store was stunned.

The young man, taking charge of the situation, went and sat down with the blind man at his table and explained to him what had just happened. Then, without hesitation, took out his wallet and handed the blind man a $20 bill. He said that on behalf of Dairy Queen, he was very sorry this had happened and apologized profusely. End of story.

Well not really.

Apparently, the person standing in line behind the lady was blown away by Joey’s heart and compassion. Whoever this was felt that someone should somehow know about this. So they wrote a letter to Dairy Queen’s corporate office and told them what they had just witnessed. They explained Joey’s actions and told the corporate office, “You have no idea who you have here.” Dairy Queen corporate immediately responded by commending Joey for his actions. Joey became a hero. A young man of outstanding integrity.

Joey, for his part, simply played down the situation and the attention.

Don’t you wonder where Joey got his values?  Who taught him to act like this? I have my suspicions.

Now, let’s change the subject. Literally. Who notices what you do?

It seems like even the littlest things, when done with the right motives, can make an incredible impact. But here’s the key… they can’t be staged. They can’t be pre-planned, orchestrated, or calibrated. They have to be the natural outpouring of who you are. When you just naturally respond in a commendable manner, people notice.

And they wonder… why?

Jesus said this…

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

Those who believe in and follow Jesus have the greatest motive to do good… people notice. Those who have a Godly mindset will always deflect any attention that comes their way—onto God. Every right action and right decision is an opportunity to cause people to glorify God.

Who will be watching you today? What will they witness?

Nobody Notices?

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