More Than You Can See

Alex Enabnit – Research Editor

It’s that time of year again – summer is over, school is starting back up, and here at Central, Cal is back!

This weekend we began a new series called “Made for More” in which we are going to discover the more you were made for. Today we read a story from Luke 8.

Starting in verse 26, Jesus and the disciples step off a boat on the shore of the east side of the Sea of Galilee where they are immediately met by a demon-possessed naked man. Jesus drove the demons – there were a LOT – out of the man and into a herd of pigs. The pigs immediately charged down the hill and drowned in the water. When the town heard about this, they had to see for themselves. They had all known this man; he had a reputation and everyone knew him as the nude, demon-possessed guy with so much strength that he couldn’t be bound with chains. But when they saw him sitting by Jesus, clothed, and in his right mind, they weren’t amazed… they were afraid! They asked Jesus to leave, so He did.

Are you being tormented by something evil right now? Has it driven you to isolation? Maybe you feel too ashamed to admit the truth. Maybe you feel so disgusted with yourself that you feel like there is no hope. But all of that is a lie from Satan, who wants you to forget who you really are: a child of God. Nobody thinks more of you than Jesus, and nobody thinks about you more than Jesus! He’s ready to give you a full life, and that’s what we’ll continue to explore through this series.

Finally, this weekend we said goodbye to Jeremy Jernigan, who has accepted God’s call for him to be the Lead Pastor at Abundant Life Church. He will be greatly missed, not only as a teaching pastor and executive leader on staff, but also as an member, friend, and brother in Christ at Central. You can continue to watch him speak at Abundant Life online via the above link, follow his personal blog, or connect with him on his Facebook or Twitter page. Good luck, Jeremy, we will miss you!

Verses and quotes from the sermon:

Luke 8:26-39; Matthew 9:36; Mark 5:3-5

“Satan has no constructive purpose of his own; his tactics are simply to thwart God and destroy men.” J. I. Packer

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Look to the Son – Hillsong Music
Let There be Light – Hillsong Music
What a Beautiful Name – Hillsong Music

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